Violeta Urmana - soprano - press release
Violeta Urmana - portrait

Io fui cosi rapita al sol
mirarlo in volto.

Vincenzo Bellini, Norma

Violeta Urmana - music

Parsifal in Vienna

Reviews about „Parsifal“ in Vienna - March, 2016, 3/2016

Violeta Urmana was a commanding and magnetic Kundry, dominating the stage whenever she appeared.  Yes, the vibrations have loosened somewhat at the very top and yes, the voice doesn’t always spin up there, but her musicality, textual awareness and compelling acting really were exceptional.  That silky middle and beautiful legato are still very much present and she descends to a fabulously rich and resonant chest voice when required.  Her ‘ich sah das Kind’ was beautifully phrased, nicely floated and her ‘und lachte’ was absolutely terrifying, completely gripping and perfectly tuned.  Tonight, Urmana gave us something very special indeed.

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